What is creativity

The word creativity is associated with the flow of creative ideas in connection with advertising texts, slogans and the like. The word also refers to a product of human activity created in a special way, using new approaches and creative solutions.

In business, creativity is a solution to a problem in a non-standard way, an original idea that solves the customer’s problem. In this case it is a real tangible unit, which can be measured in ROI – return on investment for the creation of creative advertising.

As a personality trait, creativity is actively studied in psychology. Experts are trying to figure out why some people do not have problems thinking outside the box, and others can not move away from the box schemes.

A creative person is distinguished by these properties:

A sufficient level of intelligence. IQ below 105 points among such individuals is rare, but high intelligence is often accompanied by a decrease in creativity. Special tests have shown that the most optimal level of intelligence here is slightly above average.

Flexibility of thinking, which allows to act skillfully in situations of uncertainty, the ability to go beyond the established, invented, written before.

Creativity as a life principle, an internal driving force that makes creativity emerge in all areas of life.

From the psychological point of view, the creative is a person who thinks outside the box and is able to see a problem from different angles.

When making decisions his intuition is no less important than logic. He is not necessarily a creator in the conventional sense, writing paintings, poems, music. Not only Van Gogh or Kafka can be called creative, but also a housewife who invented a new super way to wash dishes.

A person engaged in the same kind of activity, and they are the majority, “turns on” unidirectional linear thinking that is destructive to creativity.

But everything can be changed, there are simple techniques for this. Watching movies and shows that are different from what you’re used to, listening to music that you haven’t heard before. Changing the way of life. Even changing the working hand while brushing your teeth or the usual route from home to work, it is possible to make the brain work differently. A new activity. An unusual master class, a group zumba or cycling class will pump the “dormant” corners of the brain. “Recharge” someone else’s creativity. A concert of experimental music and author’s theatrical productions will do. There are special exercises to develop the ability to think creatively. It is realistic to “fit” them into the daily routine.