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Popular psychology refers to systems and practices that claim to be connected with scientific psychology and that have gained popularity among a wide range of people. For example, NLP, socionics, and transactional analysis. Popular psychology is designed to translate scientific findings known to a professional minority into the language of the non-professional majority, whereas pop psychology has a commercial character and promotes a negative attitude towards popular psychology among many professional psychologists. 


The main hallmarks of pop psychology are:

Simple language understood by the general public.Lack of verification and critical stance on theories.Virtually unlimited scope of application.Pop psychology relies primarily on the author’s life experience and sometimes on a simplified interpretation of scientific data.Ready-made unambiguous answers to psychological problems in the form of prescriptions.The absence of a boundary between scientific and unscientific knowledge.

A simple test - what really matters to you?
A simple test – what really matters to you?
Turn off your logic for a while – the questions are aimed at playing with your subconscious. Don’t give yourself time to think. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. 1. Imagine that you are walking with someone through the forest. Who could it be? 2. You walk through the forest...
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Introvert, extrovert, and ambivert
Introvert, extrovert, and ambivert
People are all different and can be divided into many groups according to a great many criteria. One of those used to determine a person’s psychotype is their relationship to the world around them and their own, their own inner world. The way a person interacts with the world around him and...
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Charisma - what is it
Charisma – what is it
It is a natural talent to please a large number of people, to attract, charm and lead where the person with this talent wants to go. In simple terms, it is the ability to cause the love of others. A charismatic person does not necessarily have a stunning appearance. Charisma is also not always...
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