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A weekend away with the family

A weekend away with the family

Here are some fun ideas for spending a weekend with your family.

Haven’t been away for a long time? A good excuse to visit grandma and grandpa or visit old friends. If you have a child in the family, set up games for them! For example, break up a sheet and blanket town, fight with pillows, launch huge soap bubbles, etc. 

Go for a walk, preferably in a park or forest, or go to an amusement park, an ice rink, or conquer any slope. Have a family breakfast/lunch/dinner, make pizza together, bake a cake or cookies. 

Get creative. For example, paint your picture together or make something out of plasticine. A great idea – collect puzzles as a family, play board games, chess or checkers. 

Go to a cozy cafe, a new movie or an interesting exhibition. Or the whole family write a letter to the future and open it in 10 years. Believe me, it will be very interesting to read. 

Get in the car, take a thermos of tea, lots of sandwiches, and go wherever the road will lead, then stop at some interesting or beautiful place. This will make for a very unusual road trip.