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Good Fun Time

Good Fun Time

Cheerful people attract like a magnet. They are successful in work, they have a lot of friends. It turns out that being a funny person is beneficial in every way. Many comedians have a daily morning ritual – to stand in front of the mirror and smile at themselves for 10-15 minutes. Make yourself and you have a habit of this. Smile naturally, from the soul, go for a laugh. Show yourself with a smile that you’re happy to see and enjoy the new day, that you look great and damn charming. Try different smiles in the morning, experiment.


Sign up for the daily newsletter of anecdotes or photo jokes. And be sure to read the newsletter every day. Choose fun books to read. Set a goal of reading one fun book a week. Before you buy a book, look at ratings and read reviews. Choose a different author each time. Make it a rule to watch comedies regularly. Do not hold back and laugh from the heart over the movie moments that seem particularly funny to you.

Concentrate on the funny. Look for the fun in the most ordinary things. Make a special “funny count” and count how many funny moments you can find in a day. Just be very careful – the fun can meet on a playground, past which in the morning you run to work, it can lurk in the subway, and the store, in any passerby. Look for it and you will find it.