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Charisma - what is it

Charisma – what is it

It is a natural talent to please a large number of people, to attract, charm and lead where the person with this talent wants to go. In simple terms, it is the ability to cause the love of others. A charismatic person does not necessarily have a stunning appearance. Charisma is also not always associated with outstanding intellectual abilities.

Seeing and recognizing charisma, apparently, is genetic, so that the group does not break up and can very quickly unanimously choose a leader. It is akin to what we call love, only it is not between two people, but between the group and the potential leader.

Is a charismatic person someone that everyone wants to be? If a person has the makings of charisma, the overall effect can be consciously enhanced, but if there are no makings, it is unlikely that anything can be changed. In the nature of herd animals, it is not necessary to generate many potential leaders, for the resulting competition may reduce the likelihood of survival of the group.


A charismatic person, at a minimum, must have – determination, to see the goal and boldly go to it, the ability to make independent and difficult decisions, the gift of speaking to people and fully believing in their exclusivity, to have a destiny from above. These can be imitated or, to some extent, even developed. And everything else depends only on the individual, and on external circumstances.