WANT YOUR HAIR TO BE SHINY, BRIGHT AND LONG? You should try this incredible shampoo that will make everyone envy your hair!

The most important part of women’s body is the hair. Seeing fine, shiny, bright long or even short hair, it’s very pleasing for the eye and you immediately think that those women probably use very expensive products. A lot of women try everything for their hair to be perfect, but constantly treating your hair with different shampoos, coloring, using straighteners, etc. can damage your hair for a long period.

Fortunately, we offer you a shampoo that will make your hair as you always wished, in no time! Using this amazing shampoo for a month, everyone will envy your hair!

Most importantly, this shampoo is very healthy and contains a lot of medicine which cannot damage or be bad for your hair. You will gain a lot useful nutrients from this shampoo!

Nattle – This is a magical herb for your scalp and hair. It improves the circulation and stimulates the hair growth.

Castor oil –Brilliant oil which is rich with vitamin E and ricinoleic acids. It improves the hair growth and also eliminates bacteria, fungi, and reduces dandruff on the scalp.

Panthenol – It is rich in pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, which is excellent for the scalp and making your hair brilliant.

What you need?

  • 750 ml plain nettle shampoo
  • 2 pills vitamin B
  • 30ml aqua solution AD drops
  • 50ml castor oil
  • 100ml aqua panthenol solution
  • 30ml nettle drops

How to make it?

Put all the items together, mix them well and place them in 1 liter bottle. Shake it till it’s blended well!


Always shake the bottle before using it. Use the shampoo to massage your scalp gently. Leave the shampoo for few min. and after that you can wash it off.

You can apply dry mask on your hair, but it is optional. The shampoo is sufficiently healthy and helpful for your hair because off all the ingredients in it. You should also drink nettle tea, it is very good for the blood circulation and regulating hormonal levels, which are sometimes the reasons for hair loss. Can’t wait to try it! Will you?


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