Use this magical cure to prevent hair loss and grow your hair faster!

You have probably witnessed a lot of cases were baking soda proves its curable benefits. It was also proven as useful in cosmetics and in many crafts.

Even though the baking soda it’s useful for many things, it has also been the best homemade cure for hair issues.

If you didn’t know about this, then you should read the whole article. This incredible substance can be very useful and helpful for your hair. It will make it tougher, with more volume, and without dandruff-free.

To find more info, scroll down:

  1. It will help you remove product remains:

Everything that stays on your hair form the shampoo or other various hair products will be easily removed by applying baking soda. The hygiene of your hair and scalp is very important, and if you want to improve it, you should definitely try the treatment with baking soda.

  1. Eliminates chlorine:

For those who enjoy swimming or are exposed to chlorine-based environment, you should probably use baking soda to eliminate the chlorine leftovers and maintain your hair’s health. Chlorine can damage your hair seriously and it might change your hair color. If your hair is affected by chlorine then you know the right cure.

  1. Increases hair growth:

If your main problem is weak and slowly growth, using little baking soda will help you grow your hair faster and stronger. Baking soda influences the hair roots and makes them to grow faster and ‘move around’ easily. The results? Longer, stronger and healthier hair!

We provide you with the recipe for daily usage. It is recommended for everyone who wants to have healthier and stronger hair!

  • Mix some baking soda and water (ratio 1:3) in a spray bottle and apply it on your hair;
  • For those who have longer hair, you should try to use this mix more often;
  • For those who have medium-long hair, you should use 1 tablespoon baking soda and 6 tablespoons of water;
  • You should use this mixture on wet or dry hair and always start with the roots and go to the edges;
  • Leave the mix for a few minutes and then wash it off with medium warm water;

For more useful tips, you should also use apple cider vinegar and water in 1:4 ratios. If you like more freshness for your hair, you should add few drops of your favorable essential oil. You should use this mixture by leaning your head backwards and avoid eye area.

This is very affordable or cheap treatment and nothing is more useful and healthier than baking soda! Very handy and healthy, right?


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