Few easy ways to remove brown dots on your skin!

The occurrence of brown dots can really affect our self-confidence and sometimes can be harmful for our skin. The places they are usually occurring are face, shoulders, limbs and hands. As the ages go by, they can be more and more. They are sometimes large and darkish, so it is hard not to notice them.

In order to learn how to eliminate these unwanted dots, we give you a good solution. You will only need two items that you use every day.

Initially, you should find their source and if you will be able, how to avoid them in the future.

Further, you can find out the easy steps how to deal with them:

What is the reason for their occurrence?

These brownish spots can be caused by the sun, nevertheless if you are tanning or not or using factor-protector or not. The sun rays (UV rays) are bad for your skin anyways.

As longer you are imposed on sun, the more they will appear. At the beginning you will not notice them because all the skin is evenly dark, but as the time goes by and you bleach, you will start noticing them.

At the end, unfortunately, the tan will fade away, but the spots and dots we remain on their places. Actually this is a sign that your skin is damaged and there is nothing you can do to hide the spots.

Can they influence your health?

Of course. Every spot on your body does not indicate cancer, but some can. Bear in mind – always check your dots and their changes. Changing color or shape can be very serious. You should also notice if some new spots appear. If some of them are red and tender, you should immediately visit your doctor!

How to get rid of them?

We give you an easy way to eliminate every dot. You should only make a juice with only 2 items. Only few minutes to be made and for more info, you can check the video below.

You will only need ACV and onion. The onion juice is an incredible treatment for your skin and it is rich with antioxidants.

The apple cider vinegar contains (ACV) hydroxyl acids and it is very useful to exfoliate your skin well from dried layers. By mixing these two amazing ingredients, you will get the best cure for removing these dots!

What you need?

Chop the onion and put it in a zip bag. Use a small rolling-pin to crash the chopped pieces. After that, put the texture in a blender with ½ cup ACV and blend it together. Soak cotton and put it on your skin. If you want to achieve quick results, use it every day for a whole month, during the night.  Maybe the spots won’t vanish, but it will help you a lot. It is not expensive to try it and most importantly, it is natural and way better than other treatments or meds. You will notice the results after two weeks.

Is it possible to prevent their appearance?

Not so possible, only if your plan is to become a vampire and not expose yourself on sun. However, you can keep yourself away from direct sun and UV rays, wear longer sleeves, use factor-protector and wear comfy cloths.

You should use sunscreen during winter as well. Also, try to avoid going to the spa for tanning. The results of fake tanning are awesome, but the risk of cancer is higher.

And, of course, do not forget to consult your doctor if some dots concern you!


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