What can you find out about women according to their sleeping position?

It is interesting to know something more about your personality according to your position of sleep. As your body language represents an image for your character, the same is with the sleeping position that you have. Find out below which your sleeping position is and learn more about your character according to it.

  • The soldier

If the soldier is your favorite sleeping position, it reveals that you are silent and pretty closed up person. Additionally, you think about everything very seriously and deep. Your opinion is on a higher level than others and you probably expect a lot more from yourself and the people surrounding you.

  • Fetus position

This might be the most popular sleeping position among women. If you are placed on the side with your legs near your chest, you are probably quite timid person, very sensitive and you care too much about everything. You also tend to preoccupy your thoughts about a problem.

  • The Freefall

This position is when you sleep on your stomach with your hand around or under the pillow, and with the head on the side. Those women who prefer this position are good in communicating with people; they like to interact a lot and are open-minded. Additionally, they can be very nervous, and are sometimes can easily react to criticism.

  • The Hugger

This position is when you hug your pillow while sleeping. It reveals that these women treasure the bonds in their life and they are honest, faithful, reliable people. They tend to please other more than expected or needed, and are always free if you need any help. That means they are extraordinary friend and faithful partners.

It is said that soldier and starfish sleeping positions are the reasons for snoring. Also, the freefall position can improve the function of the digestive system. Additionally, those who prefer to stink out one leg out of the blanket are favorite members among family and friends.


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