Why breakfast is very important? After reading this you will not skip breakfast anymore!

Many experts tell us that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, but not all of us trust this theory and follow the rules, right? It happened for all of us to skip breakfast many times because of being late, not having time to prepare it, or simply because you don’t feel hungry. This type of habit or routine is very unhealthy and bad for our organism!

Many researches and data have proven that having breakfast every day is very important. Not that only provides you with the needed energy to start your day, but, as many would not believe, it will also help you to lose weight!

At Shareably, we did a list of reasons why you must not leave out your breakfast. It is the most essential meal of the day, so you can also advise your family and close ones not avoid breakfast to.

Helping you lose weight!

Consuming your breakfast every day can protect your body from gaining weight. According to a research by the American Journal of Epidemiology, experts say that people who avoid eating breakfast in the morning, not only they will gain weight, but the risk of obesity is higher as well.

Experts from University of Missouri prove that, people who consume high-protein breakfast eat less during the whole day. All of the participants had some small snacks and also laser dinner.

Improve your cognitive functions!

Many experts proved that having your breakfast in the morning can better your memory. It turns out that children who had their breakfast, have better grades on tests and academic tasks in comparison with those who didn’t ate their breakfast. Breakfast will boost the body and organism with energy that will further contribute concentration and other mental process.

Lowers the possibility of mood swings!

By having breakfast, you consume a lot of essential elements that can make you feel happy and will reduce the stress and anxiety during the day. Trying to function during the day with an empty belly is not productive at all, and by having your breakfast, you’ll improve your mood a lot!

It provides you longevity!

If you eat your breakfast every day, you will have longer live than those who don’t. People who come from the Blue Zone, a region known because of good health and longevity, intake most of the calories at breakfast.

It will boost your immune system!

Having a breakfast in the morning lowers the risk for any serious diseases and illnesses. People who enjoy their breakfast in the morning, will also enjoy their healthy body in contrast with those who avoid breakfast and tend to catch a cold and flu easily. Breakfast will lower the risk of hypoglycemia, hypotension and diabetes.

It will restart your metabolism!

Having a good breakfast after you wake up will stimulate the fat-burning process in your body. It will rally help you to lose weight and it will maintain your metabolism clean and healthy.

It will improve your athletic spirit!

Everyone needs energy for exercising and you will gain a lot of it by having your breakfast. It will give you the essential vitamins and elements for enough energy while exercising.

Family bonding!

Not healthy-related fact, but very true. By enjoying your breakfast and consuming healthy nutrients, you will also have the opportunity to bond with your family and enjoy the time with them. Those opportunities are getting lower from time to time, so you should cherish them and enjoy as much as you can!


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