Avoid this type of fish! It is extremely harmful for your health!

Basa fish or Pangasius Fillets are frozen products and are widely sold across Europe at a very low price. This is the main reason why are they so popular. Unfortunately, this type of fish comes from Vietnam and it has very low quality that might be harmful for your health!

This Basa fish is taken out from the Mekong River which is one of the most contaminated rivers in the world. It is

cultivated in sewage pools that are rich in chemicals and bacteria. These chemical and bacteria easily enter the meet, so it makes is extremely unhealthy for eating. Additionally, heavy metals, chlorate, isomers, hexachlorobenzene and many other harmful elements were found in the fish. USA stopped importing Basa fish because of these unhealthy issues and also because they suspected that the fish contains antibiotics.

This type of fish is extremely unhealthy because the people feed them with waste materials that can really damage our health and organism. Naturally fish grows 4 times faster, but Basa fish found in the stores is injected with additional hormones and antibiotics that accelerate the process of growing. The hormones speed up the process of growing and reproduction of fish, and after that it is distributed to big companies that don’t care about their costumer’s health. This product is very cheap in many supermarkets and that is the main reason why a lot of people are buying it, unfortunately not paying attention on the quality of the fish.

Basa fish is very poor on nutrients, essential elements and doesn’t have omega-3 oils as any other quality fish. Maybe it is tasty, but this fish is extremely harmful for your health and you should try avoiding it as much as possible! 


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